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The Stylata Stylus Product Line


All of our styluses are perfectly suited for industrial and field use. Some of our customers have even used our Stylata styluses for non-touchscreen applications. We have styluses that work with resistive as well as capacitive iPhone/iPad/Samsung Galaxy-type touchscreens (coming in 2014).

Use your Stylata styluses with your palm pilot/PDA, as a replacement stylus, with your point of sale system, touch screen devices, as trade show schwag, or any of a myriad other uses. We are now offering plastic coil tethers on all of our stylus products. Also introducing the Stylata Stylus and Pen Holder. These are machined plastic holders ready to hold any of the Stylata styluses or other styluses offered on the market for use with Fujitsu, Panasonic, Sony, Apple/iPad/iPhone, Samsung as well as commercially available pens. These pen holders can be simply mounted with self-adhesive tape (provided) or can be mounted with screws. The Stylata stylus holder has a method of protecting the tip of the stylus so as not to damage the tip thereby avoiding damage to the touch screen. This innovation does not exist with other holders on the market.

Stylata is now offering bank pen holders and pens which can be surface-mounted as a security counter pen, theft-proof pen, counter pen for retail, commercial, banking applications. We are experts in custom and off-the-shelf tethered styluses and pens for commercial and industrial uses. If we can make styluses, we can make pens!

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NEW 2014! S8000

NEW 2014! S8000T

Tetherable, Heavy-Duty

These styluses are heavy-duty and are great for outdoor/industrial use.

Tethered, Heavy-Duty 

Same as as the S8000 but tethered






Our most popular stylus

Great for tradeshow giveaways!

Tethered version of "S2000"

Never lose that stylus again - great for attaching close to the touchscreen

Tetherable, Heavy-Duty

These styluses are heavy-duty and are great for outdoor/industrial usage

Tethered, Heavy-Duty 

Same as as the S4000 - choose your tether


stylata adhesive clip holder



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